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In 17 years, we have helped more than 10,000 infertile couples reached the wish to have children!

Since we establishment in 2004, Verdure Healthcare Consultancy Sdn Bhd has not only achieved the hope of having children for countless infertile couples, but also the hope of many infertile couples in the future. Using the combination of Chinese and Western therapy, using the strengths of traditional Chinese medicine to treat symptoms, and assessment the progress of the treatment through Western medical diagnosis . Therefore, the road to pregnancy will not be wrong!

Your natural fertility journey include: 

Explanation and diagnosis of your infertility problems, based on the best practices of both Chinese and western medicines.

Monthly follow-up  through e-mail and Wechat

Personalized guidance will be provided to master your ovulation

You will receive the best fertility care from us until the day your baby is born.


Our Chief Physician

Dr. Terrenz H'ng PhD

Fertility Specialist

Dr. Terrenz H'ng PhD is a well known Malaysian Fertility Specialist, she came from a family background of Chinese physician, which provides professional fertility treatment. She has total understandings of the strengths and weaknesses of Chinese and Western medicine, and she provides treatments based on the best practices of both Chinese and Western medicine.


After Dr. Terrenz graduated, she was eager to learn more about technology used in treating infertility, especially from foreign countries. Apart from focusing on practical aspects of medical treatment, Dr. Terrenz is active in studying and exploring the most advanced theories in Western fertility industry.  With the experience she gained from her practice, Dr. Terrenz obtained the mastery of medical practice based on complementarity of both Chinese and Western medicine.


Today, she enlightens the faith of couples with infertility issue, by providing comprehensive body conditioning to help them to achieve pregnancy dream with the most natural approach.


Dr. Terrenz is the committee member of both British Fertility Society (UK) and Registered Therapist (UK). She is also a committee member of International Medical Technology Development Committee (China). Dr. Terrenz graduated in Doctoral Degree in Philosophy (US), as well as a Master Degree of Natural Healths & Healinigs (US).


She is a holder of Herbalism Diploma & Higher International Diploma (UK). Lastly, she graduated with Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Xiamen, China). With all these qualifications, Dr. Terrenz is well-recognized at domestic and abroad. Besides that, Dr. Terrenz made several appearances in Malaysia TV programs, she shared her experience in fertility industry by providing solid explantions and informative discussions.


The audience truly benefited from fertility enrichment programs. Even after 16 years of professional experience in the field of Infertility and Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Terrenz never stops updating her medical knowledge, her most recent Post Doctoral Professional Certification include the Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Certificate, Healthcare Information Technology Certificate as well as the Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine Certificate.

Dr. Terrenz's specialist certifications include:


Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine Certificate

Healthcare Information Technology Certificate

Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)

Doctoral of Philosophy, PhD (US)

Masters of Wellness Studies (US)

Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Xiamen, China)

International Advanced Diploma of Herbalism (UK)

Nutritional Therapy Diploma(UK)

Holistic Therapy Certificate(UK)

Bioethics: Law, Medicine Ethics of Reproductive Technology & Genetic (Harvard)

Happy Baby
Sleeping baby

Dr. Terrenz's words

Everyone will go through these two important phases in life, getting married and have baby. However, most of the infertile couples are not aware of, or never foresee the relationship they have with “infertility”. After they get married, they realize that conceiving is not as easy as expected. As years passed, they grow older. At this moment, they started to experience anxiety attack because they couldn’t get pregnant. Most couples experience hesitation when dealing with infertility. Definitely, they will think about taking a medical check-up in hospital. However, couples will face difficulty in getting to the startup point, because there are multiple aspects, such as sperm analysis, hormone test, fallopian tubes issue, progesterone, artificial insemination, IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and etc.

They can only obey to the sequence of taking ovulation pills, artificial insemination, and IVF treatment. Couples can only hope that one of these sequences will realize their pregnancy dream.  By trying out different treatments without proper planning, couples might have to go through a longer journey in attempt a pregnancy, or,  the wrong treatment is used and the problem ends up to be more complicated. In order to champion infertility, the cause of infertility must be brought to light, and proceed in treatment accordingly. So that progress can be made in tackling infertility. In this way, couples are able to achieve the dream to have a complete family with the arrival of their very own child. Verdure Healthcare will be your best starting point for pregnancy journey.

Baby Crawling

How to go on with your pregnancy plan?

2 hours of personalized analysis for each couple, and it only costs you RM 200.00.

The analysis comes with:

Why have tried their best, still can not achieve the desire to have children... Before meeting With Dr. Terrenz, you may have tried different ways and still failed to get pregnant, you don't even know the reason for your failure. In Dr. Terrenz's treatment, you certainly know the reason for your previous failure and how to solve it. During the two hours of the appointment with Dr. Terrenz,
Let you unlock the doubts in your heart, find out the cause of infertility, and solve it together with you!


Collect personal physical conditions, including whether there are existing diseases or genetic diseases that affect fertility, physical symptoms and physical examination


Explain the test reports related to fertility such as: sperm test, hormone test, blood report or gynecological surgery report, etc.


Detail analysis regarding to the problems of male and female infertility. Examples for female are ovulation disorder, fallopian tube problem, immune problems, and etc. Whereas for male, the possible problems can be insufficient sperm count, viability of sperm cell, sperm motility, low number of normal sperm cell and etc.


Ways to overcome the infertility problems; personalized treatments will be given according to the problems.


Collaboration with both PATHLAB and BPLAB grant exclusive promotions to our clients. 

After knowing the obstacles that affect your fertility, you can tell Dr. Terrenz how you will carry out your fertility plan, such as whether there is a plan to carry out (IUI) artificial insemination (up to 15% success rate) or IVF (up to 30% success rate).


It is well known that the more artificially assisted conceptions are performed, the lower the chance of success. If the current physique is not suitable, the chance of success will be lower. It may also cause physical discomfort, such as insomnia, hair loss, edema, nausea and other symptoms. Therefore, before artificial assisted conception, Dr. Terrenz can let you know if you are suitable for it, how high the chance of success is, and how to effectively increase the chance of success.

The assisting plan of natural pregnancy:

Prescribed nutritious diet plan 

It is crucial to have sufficient nutrients in your daily diet, because it contributes to the well-being of body condition, and this will be taken care of by Dr. Terrenz.

Healthy Food

Acupressure massage

Acupressure massage is an improved massage based on the principle of traditional acupuncture. Proper guidance will be provided to assure that you understand the effective acupuncture points. By practicing it, it brings positive impact to the success rate of pregnancy. Besides that, different acupressure points will have different effects, as it is also helpful in easing the modern sicknesses, such as gastric, migraine, and relieving our pressure.


Vitamin supplement

There are various types of vitamin supplement available in the market. However, it doesn’t mean that your body can accept all of them. Dr. Terrenz will prescribe a set of vitamin supplement for you based on your health condition. With the right supplement, you are able to achieve your goal within a shorter period of time.

Herbal Medicine

Basal Body Temperature Chart

This particular chart is imported from western country. It will provide you a better understanding about occurrence of ovulation, as well as the time frame of ovulation. Besides that, this chart helps you to understand the risk of miscarriage when you are expecting, as well as other hidden diseases which can affect your fertility. As long as you are able to make full use of this chart, you can have your fertility plan at the back of your hand.


Therapeutic supplement

Therapeutic diet contributes to pregnancy rate as well. Through practicing therapeutic diet before and after ovulation period, it certainly boosts the success rate of pregnancy.


Natural Pregnancy


Couples who are facing a hard time in conceiving, due to incorrect intercourse positions which will decrease pregnancy rate.


Happy Couple Hugging

Infertility Self Evalution

Observe the information of the body carefully,

and tick the items that match, and finally count a score.

Male and female scores are calculated separately.

If the total score exceeds 3 points, be very careful,

because you may have infertility messages or a high-risk group of infertility.

If you have a total score of 5 or more, you should quickly seek advice from an infertility specialist.

You should be treated as soon as possible. Delaying treatment will affect the success rate of pregnancy.

Male Infertility


Female Infertility


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