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6% of microdeletion, took away her kids from her.

I first met Mrs. Wong 5 years ago, when she had tried to conceive within 3 years but was still unable to get pregnant. She came for consultation after failing IUI once. At that time she was only 31 years old, but she was busy handling her own business which led to irregular eating time and lack of consumption of water. As a result of her lifestyles she often suffered from urinary tract infection and vaginitis. Her menstrual cycle was between 35-40 days and had serious period pain problems which required painkillers during her period.


First positive pregnancy test result after married for 4 years

After following treatment for 9 months, the pregnancy test showed a positive result and she was overwhelmed with joy as this is the first test she got pregnant. Sadly, the joy only lasted for 3 weeks as her doctor told her that her baby stopped growing after 6 gestational weeks and she needed a dilatation and curettage. She couldn't help but blame herself for not taking care of her body properly as she didn't take enough rest while she was pregnant. She took some time to rest during her confinement and determined to continue her treatment to get pregnant again. She is convinced that she can be pregnant and the baby will return to her soon.

Soon after 6 months, she was pregnant again. This time she was taking care of herself properly. However, her fetus stopped growing after 7 weeks of gestation and she underwent another dilatation and curettage. Her doctor told her that both of her fetuses has stopped growing for unknown reasons.

She was devastated after undergoing twice dilatation and curettage procedures. She was even afraid to get pregnant again. Due to her stress level, her hormones level was affected and she did not get pregnant within two years. After her business has settled down, Mrs. Wong and her husband decided to try for IVF, they were able to transfer two embryos and one of them was successfully implanted in the womb. Sadly, the fetus too stopped growing after 6 weeks of gestation.


6 % microdeletion took her baby away from her

After learning her past history of abortion, Dr. Terrenz had her to do a chromosome karyotyping for her and found out that there is some defective gene that led to her abortions at her 46th chromosomes.

"Thanks, Dr. Terrenz for your treatment, my health has improved a lot better. But am I able to get pregnant, even if the genes are not able to cure? Do I still have a chance to be a mother?"


Preimplantation Genetic Screening to help you get a healthy kid

Genes defectives are not curable by current medicines, luckily thanks to advanced medical technology, we can use Preimplantation Genetic Screening to help her select a normal embryo with no chromosomes defective to be implanted during IVF. Hence, the embryo with chromosomal defects can be discarded and avoid the episode of miscarriage happens again. This time Mrs. Wong was able to pregnant again and her fetus was growing normally. I was very pleased to see her during her follow up. I was touched to see she was pregnant again and this time with a healthy baby.

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