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IVF unsuccessful but it saved their next generation?!

35-year-old Mrs.Li was married to her husband for four years. They used contraceptives in the first year of their marriage. However, just after they have decided to have a child and give up the use of contraception, they found that they had a hard time conceiving. Therefore, they chose to do IVF, but it did not succeed. They then decided to freeze their sperm and embryos to try again after conditioning their body to increase their success rate. In addition, they lost trust in the doctor in charge of their IVF, which made them more determined to condition their body first.

The couple came to see me in 2016. After my consultation, although Mr. Li did not smoke or drink, his family had a history of lung cancer, especially his close relatives such as uncles and grandfather, which makes him extremely worried about his health, and thereby affecting his fertility. In addition, under the influence of daily life routine, Mr. Li has also suffered from pulmonary fibroma, but this condition cannot be cured. Prior to this, Mr. Li did not know that he had pulmonary fibroma. It was an accidental finding when he went for Reprogene Infertility Screen Test. This tumor also caused Mr. Li to lost his vas deferens, but he didn't know it.

It is also because of hereditary familial diseases, Mr. Li is also at risk of developing genetic diseases, which makes him a susceptible person, and he is born without vas deferens.


Therefore, the couple chose not to use embryos that had been frozen in advance but instead used sperm extraction (TESA) to extract sperm directly from the testes.

Due to all the efforts and perseverance, Mrs. Li went to do IVF with PGS and PGD after completing her treatment. It was that time she finally succeeded in getting pregnant. She came to see me understand the details of pregnancy and confinement when she was 13 weeks pregnant. She was very fortunate that the previous IVF was unsuccessful, otherwise, her child will also inherit some gene-related disease from the family.

Here, I wish they can get a healthy baby and also a smooth delivery for Mrs. Li.

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