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She is about to welcome her first baby in 4 years after marriage!

Mrs. Wang, who was 35 weeks pregnant when she came to see me last week, is 42 years old this year and is about to welcome her first baby in 4 years of marriage next month. Although she is considered pregnant at advanced maternal age, she has optimized her body condition before the pregnancy and also follows my instructions after pregnancy. So she went through the pregnancy very smoothly. The doctor also told her that although she is 42 years old, she is suitable for normal delivery.

Mr. Wang and his wife were relatively married late. When they first met me last year, they were 41 years old. Mr. Wang was quite irritable. Before seeing me, he had been seeking treatments everywhere, whether it was Chinese medicine or direct sale products. He had bought several products from outside each time he knew that the product might help his wife to conceive. Hence, every time he learned a new product outside, he bought them without much consideration. At the consultation, he brought all the remaining medicines and asked me if they could continue taking it, I was surprised to see the medicine he had accumulated for the past years.


In fact, without knowing your own body condition or diagnosis and straight away buying outside medicine or eating folk remedies is a taboo for optimizing your body health. It might even do more harm if you consume these unknown products. Especially in cases of infertility, which is more intricate and complex. The right diagnosis is needed to provide the right medicine. After my diagnosis, as expected, Mr. Wang’s sperm report reported a rapid decline within one year. The number of sperm had dropped from 24 mils per milliliter to 5 mils per milliliter, and his motility had also dropped from 50% to 20%.

Mrs. Wang was a patient with endometriosis, and her body is not suitable for over-optimization, but she bought two cans of “Shiquan Dabu” pills, which caused the menstrual pain to worsen every menstrual period. Mr. Wang asked me with their current age of 41 years old, is the chance of his wife getting pregnant very slim? I told him: "Your physique needs at least 9 months of conditioning, and the progress of the conditioning is gradual, you can't be rushed, or else you won't get pregnant. You and your wife must be patient. If you give up within 2 or 3 months of treatment as before, I would recommend you to consider carefully before starting my treatment. "

Mr. Wang saw his medical report results and knew his physical condition deteriorated, he promised to follow my instructions throughout the treatment. Indeed Mr. Wang and his wife were very compliant with their treatment, starting from taking medication conditioning, diet therapy, acupoints messages, and daily basal body temperature charting, they followed each of my instructions very well. It was when he came for his follow up that I have received the good news that his wife is pregnant just after 7 months of treatment. During the pregnancy, he will always ask for my opinion every time he buys any products that are for pregnant women.

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