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Tried 3 times IUI, 9 times ICSI all failed! But at last she was able to conceived.

I met a couple 3 years ago, they have given me a very strong impression because they were by far the couples who had tried IVF many times. They were married for 4 years and tried to conceive. They had tried 3 times IUI and 9 ICSI within 3 years' duration after failing to conceive naturally.

At the first process of IVF, they were able to extract 7 ovums but the number kept decreasing each time they tried IVF until their doctor told them that they might have no enough ovum left. Mrs. Hong was shocked and started to think whether continuing the IVF procedures will let them have a baby or it will do more harm to their body. They realized that they have to seek help from professionals to increase their success rate in IVF.


Is it worth it to spend IVF to get Kids or it just does more harm to our body?

I was shocked to find out that they did not know the necessary criteria before doing IVF even after they had failed so many times before. Only if they have realized the importance of body condition before doing IVF they would not have wasted their money to try IVF so many times. After following my course of treatment for 1 year, Mrs. Hong asked me whether she was ready to try IVF again. Based on their hormone reports and my assessment, they were ready to try again. Thus, I referred them to a well known IVF center in Penang. They were successful for the first time.

When talking about IVF, the majority of clients only concern about the success rate but not the procedures or the effects on the body. Based on research the success rate for IVF is only 35% but most people have misunderstandings of increasing the success rate when doing IVF the second time. Actually, if you fail the first time doing IVF, the success rate for the next try will be low.

Even if IVF has a 99% success rate there is no guarantee that you would not fall under the 1% group.

Based on individual body health the success rate of IVF will differ, success rate is just a statistical number. It is inaccurate to determine the success rate of IVF for each couple based on the hospital‘s standard as each couple has a different body condition. Furthermore, each hospital has a different success rate so the key to success lay in your own body health. Many couples only think of which IVF center offers the highest rate of success but overlook their current body health whether they are suitable to do IVF now. Is the success rate of a hospital important? Are there any differences between a 99% success rate with a 1 %success rate? Even if the hospital success rate is 99%, is there any guarantee you are not in the 1% group?

Tried 13 times IVF and spent RM 13k to get pregnant, is it worth it? For some, it's totally worth it to see their own child smiling at them. Are you still lost in the IVF procedures? Come and join us to make your dream of having your own kid a dream come true.

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